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  • Power & Control boards
  • LED replacment bulbs
  • Custom order retrofits
  • Custom pre-made retrofits
    - Honda
    - Infiniti
    - Lexus
    - Mazda
    - Mercedes-Benz
    - Mitsubishi
    - Nissan
    - Scion
    - Toyota

  is a small home based company,so we take on every retrofit like it was going on our own car . We offer the highest quality handmade retrofits on the market .We don't cut corners .We research and use the highest grade new components and LED's in the industry .We don't use cheap quality no name LEDs (piranha's,Chinese,pre-wired) like some of our competitors .All of the LEDs we use come in bin matched tubes from major LED manufacturers and come with datasheets.This guarantees longer life and the highest Lumen output possible . We have been doing retrofits for going on 8 years and even longer in the autobody field . We use only quality PPG and HOK automotive paints .

    Pic shows a factory third brake light compared with the Led's we use .Notice we use the same LED's as OEM


    We do custom automotive painting,LED retrofits for almost all lighting inside and outside of your car as well as non automotive retrofits .If you do not see something you would want retrofitted, it doesn't mean it can not be done.We are able to do almost anything .Give us a broom and we'll find a way to retrofit it with LED's lol. We will be happy to discuss in detail the costs and our thoughts about any particular proposed project. Please send us pictures and dimensions of the light in question.This will help us determine, if it's possible and help us give you a estimate of cost.Usually most retrofits excluding taillights will be done in less than a week .That is much faster than other places which keep your lights for months . Just because we are so much faster then competitors doesnt mean we skimp on quality . As soon as your lights arrive they are started instead of sitting in the shop for weeks before they get looked at . We know with lighting retrofits customers can not deal with much downtime .


    We do this as a business and a hobby,which even further pushes us to deliver a flawless & unique final products to the customer. In this business, it's all in the details. Our reputation is very important to us, and we want to stand out from the rest of the retrofitters out there.All LED retrofits are voltage regulated for added protection. Every retrofit is bench tested 100% before being shipped out.We will never give you a final product,that has not been properly tested.