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Dual input Illumenator PWM
Built in 12v voltage regulation ! Dual inputs regulate brake and marker lights and control adjustable marker brightness .Plug connectors make connecting and disconnecting a breeze . Heatsink not included . LED status light on board .

PRICE:  $20.00

Install Instructions


Micron PWM
Use by itself or trigger multiple voltage regulators . Great for dimming LED's. Adjustable duty cycle/brightness.Not much bigger than a penny !

PRICE: $18.00
 Install Instructions




Power Grid quad voltage regulator board
2A per output . 8A total . PWM trigger on board . .

PRICE: $14.00
 Install Instructions



High power led current regulator
Outputs 700MA . Changing resistor changes current output . Small design can be hidden anywhere .. Run 3 700ma leds in series

PRICE: $5.00


Single voltage regulator
Single 12v regulator board . 2A output .On/off control option on board . Can be heatsinked as well . Best voltage regs on the market for automotive use . Compact design !

PRICE: $6.00 /each


DFC module

The DFC(duel function circuit) allows you to convert a single array of LEDs to a duel function array . It completly shuts off marker function while turn signal is activated just like Audi DRL's.It even has the delayed return to marker function . It comes in a sealed housing with quick connect inputs and outputs .Price is for single module . In most case two will be reuired .


PRICE: $15.00/each




10 channel LED sequencer
LED sequencer can sequence 10 arrays of Led . 2A total output . Sequencer channels turn on one at a time until all on then reset with turn signal . Speed is adjustable via potentiometer . Led status light on board.(note: Pair is needed for turn signal use )

PRICE: $28.00/each
 Install Instructions


  Additional Pictures  
PowerGrid Top ILLUMENATOR Voltage regulator