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Custom GTR style LED taillights with dual ring marker/Brake , Lights are running two illumenator PWM modules and Voltage regulated .Lights include keeping factory turn signal (g37 style) unless going with options .Matte black paint .These are fully Plug n play excluding our sequential version .We use quality Lumiled superflux LED's .3 year warrentee included against failure .

Available ADD ON options below .

-DFC module -Combine marker/brake and turn signal into the dual LED rings

-High Power LED reverse light -Uses 3 Luxeon rebels HP LEDs with heatsinking and constant current regulation

-LED rear sidemarker with option to come on with marker or turn signal

-Rectangle LED Disable switch - Lets use disable the factory rectangle LED area at will with built in toggle switches

-Sequential Turn signals of your pattern preference (non plug and play)





Additional V1 Tail light options

Sequential Turn signals
High Power Current driven Luxeon rebel LED Reverse Optional Projector turn signal replacing oem reflector
We can also make both rings function as turn signal as well as marker/brake function instead of using factory outer ring turn signal like G37 style .


Limited Time Only

Dual ring tail lights using oem optics and G2flip outer ring shroud .

Price List,options,pictures and Video :Click here


03-07 Third Brake Light Direct Replacment for all non spoiler G35s (Coupe and Sedan)

 These OEM replacments boards are much more reliable than the known problematic oem boards. Plug and Play wiring. Voltage/Current regulation built in. High Power. Premium Quality Phillips Lumiled LEDs. To Install simply replace board and clip into factory housing





TailLights - All Prices are for complete retrofits not including taillight housings which you must send in to be retrofitted . Prices include return shipping back to you . Taillight Retrofits come with a 3 year warrentee .Read terms for more info regarding warrantee.
V1 Dual ring LED tailsV2 Dual ring LED tailsProjector turn replacment for V1 tailsV1 sequentail turn signalsV2 Dual ring LED custom LED tail boardsThird Brake light replacment

G35  LED 3rd Brake Light Replacment . More reliable than the factory unit which often burns out !

Ours Lasts FOREVER and at 1/4 the price!

(ALL YEARS/Coupe & Sedan) (Available-In Stock)



Painted Inner shroud ( gloss black or matte black ) $???  

V1 (Currently unavailable)

Custom led taillights with dual ring marker/Brake ,factory g37 style turn signal ,LED rear sidemarker. Lights are running two illumenator PWM's and Voltage regulated . We use quality Lumiled superflux LED's

FREE painted matte black inner shroud !

Direct plug n play

Additional options below

V1 taillight turn signals integrated into dual LED rings . Rings will function as marker/brake and turn signal replacing the oem blinker .This option uses our DFC modules . Add $40
V1 tail light factory turn signal reflector projector replament . Not for use with dual ring turn signal integration . Add $40
V1 tail light horizontal LED area built in on/off switch Add $20
V1 tail light High power 3 Luxeon rebel LED reverse lights with current drivers and heatsinking Add $60
LED molded celis rod (marker) ???? Coming soon

V1 sequential (Currently Unavailable)

Custom LED taillights with dual ring marker/Brake , Sequential LED dual turn signals , LED rear sidemarker and hp reverse LED .Lights are running two illumenator PWM's , Voltage regulated and sequential circuits for turn signals. We use quality Lumiled superflux LED's . Note : Because of the sequential circuits these are not PnP . We are working to make them fully Pnp in the future .

FREE painted matte black inner shroud !

V2 Limited time Dual ring tails with G2flip shroud(No Longer in Production)    
Outer ring and inner ring LED replaments combo for DIY install (pair of each) $200.00