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- Honda
- Infiniti
- Lexus
- Mazda
- Mercedes-Benz
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- Scion
- Toyota

All Prices are for complete retrofits not including housings which you must send in to be retrofitted .Prices dont include return shipping except retrofits that include painting . Headlights come fully plug and play and voltage regulated .

High power turn signal (Top right pic shows output compared to standard LED)
Iris LED projector
LED Iris projector with hight power led turn signal (video)
Super LED Clearance strip
Additional pictures ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


High power LED turn signal (900 lumen) White or amber with driver $100/pair
Colors available
The Iris LED projector for turn signal housing $100/pair
Super LED clearence strip $90/pair
Colors available
Turn signal projector 70/pair

Full Retrofit LED headlights (Includes Headlight painting , Iris LED projector , LED clearence strip and high power turn signal)

Free Return Shipping!

Headlight painting .Free Return Shipping! -------->