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(Headlight Retrofits currently unavailble)All Prices are for complete retrofits not including housings which you must send in to be retrofitted .Prices dont include return shipping except retrofits that include painting . Headlights come fully plug and play and voltage regulated .
Crosshair Demon Eyes or High Power LED LED clearance strip Turn Signal Projector/painted projector
  Super LED Clearance strip Shaved clearance strip area (pic not avail.)
High power LED turn module Super LED Clearance strip (video)Also shows high power signal at 2:31. LED halos (2Rings , LB,,Turn)
Beam shot of factory projector before modding Beam shot after color mod and clear lens replacement Shaved clearance strip area (pic not avail.)

High power LED Turn signal (900 lumen) White or Amber $100/pair
LED Demon Eyes (Ask about different versions like the crosshairs) $100/pair
LED Halos(Currently unavailable) $150/pair
White Only
Marker light retrofitted into turn signal $60/pair
Turn signal projector lens(Acura TL lenses)(Currently unavailable) $80/pair
TL lenses
LED Clearance strip $250/pair
Super LED clearance strip (10 sequential effects for park and solid when driving) $600/pair
White Only
Projector Color Mod with clear TSX lens replacment $150/pair
Painted projector $50/pair
Headlight Painting (Free return shipping) . We use PPG BC/CC paint . -------->
Shaved Clearance strip area (The clean look )Only with purchase of painted headlights . $120/pair
Quad projector retrofit (contact us) ??????