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Power & Control boards
  • LED replacment bulbs
  • Custom order retrofits
  • Custom pre-made retrofits
    - Honda
    - Infiniti
    - Lexus
    - Mazda
    - Mercedes-Benz
    - Mitsubishi
    - Nissan
    - Scion
    - Toyota

    Shipping Information

    Please ship all packages to:


    110 E6th Road.

    Broad Channel, NY 11693

    Please pack your lights carefully. Wrap them with bubble wrap, use packing peanuts and a large enough box so that the lights are fully protected and not touching one another . . We are not responsible for any damages incurred in shipping, so please take all the precautions possible.


    All items purchased through us will be shipped through PayPal Shipping electronically. You can track your item by signing into your PayPal account and clicking the “Check Shipment” link next to the item. USPS Delivery Confirmation #s take at least 2 days to show up in the USPS Tracking System please give the item enough time to be scanned before assuming there is a problem with the shipment. The tracking info will also be emailed to you through PayPal,

    We offer free return shipping on all Corner/Marker lights and Taillight Retrofits . We offer free shipping on all headlight retrofits with paintwork and packages .

    We offer free return shipping unless noted!


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