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Prices are for complete retrofits not including housings which you must send in to be retrofitted .Prices dont include return shipping . Headlights come fully plug and play.

1 Year warranty on all Headlight mods .

Custom Headlight sidemarker LED board . Super bright White Cree LEDs . Direct replacement for the OEM amber LED board .Comes with voltage regulation .
Custom 40 LED turn signal board with voltage regulation
Various Mods
Mods we offer :Contact us for price quote .


High Power LED Demon eyes for low beam and turn signal shroud Contact Us Available in RGB,Red,Blue,White,amber or green
High Power LED Landing Strip heatsinking,CC regulation and Voltage regulation . Contact Us Available in ,Red,Blue,White,amber or green
Standard LED halo - Colorcoded paint available - Cree Plcc LEDs Contact Us Available in white Only .

60 LED Halo for Low beam projector shroud with Celis optics

Contact Us White Only
High Power Turn signal heatsinking,Optics,CC regulation and Voltage regulation . Contact Us White or Amber
40 each LED Turn signals Contact Us Amber Only
High Power LED parking Lights with heatsinking,Optics,CC regulation and Voltage regulation . Contact Us Available in Red,Blue,White,amber or green
LED audi style strip with 50+ LEDs along bottom of headlight Contact Us White or amber Only
Switchback or Dual function on any LED mod . Contact Us Dual function converts a single function light into marker and turn signal . Switchback is white for markers and switchs to amber with turn signal eiher alternating or non alternating .
The Mod-Jewel - Both High power parking and sidemarker retrofit combined for special sale price . Contact Us Comes in Pure white Only

High Power Cree LED Sidemarker board

Contact Us White Only . Also available for Diy sale
Professional Headlight painting . Colorcoded paint available . Sprayed by gun using PPG BC/CC system . -------->  

Matte Black

Color Coded

Two Tone (painted projector and turn shroud)