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  All Prices are for comlete retrofits not including housings which you must send in to be retrofitted .Prices do not include return shipping except for retrofits that include painting or package . (Not Applicable to Parking light replacement boards.)

White LED halo and demon eyes/with shroud Demon eyes w/ shroud Demon eyes without shroud
Halo shroud light White LED Halo (off) Painted projector Painted projector and housing
High Power LED Turn signal Projector retrofit High Power LED Turn signal Projector retrofit

LED Turn signal (10ft beam )Purple cutoff !

High Power LED Turn signal Projector retrofit High Power 5000k LED signal color/flickermod HP LED turn signal proj. retrofit video
06-08 350z Headlight LED parking light high power superflux Direct fit replacement .

LED Halo (Currently not available) $60/pair  

High power Superflux LED Parking light replacement .Direct fit replacement for the original amber Koito LED board .Exclusivly available by LEDMARKERS

(Available - In Stock)

Colors available
Demon Eyes(Currently Not Available) $70/pair
Demon Eyes (With lighted shroud mod ) ----(Currently Not Available) $80/pair
Halo w/ shroud mod -(Currently Not Available) $150/pair
Painted Inner Projector (Currently Not Available) $50/pair
LED Audi stye mod (Currently Not Available) $150/pair

High Power LED turn signal Projector retrofit . Has a nice colormodded effect to it and purple cutoff . Color temp is 5000k . We can also do these with High power amber LEDs . Comes current regulated running Luxeon LEDs .Projector shroud is molded into the factory housing .

(Currently Not Available)

Headlight painting . Painted with PPG Basecoat/Clearcoat system .

Free Return Shipping .

Colormatched color code ?

Retrofit package : Headlight painting ,LED park light ,High power turn signal projector retrofit and you choich of projector shroud mod . Headlight painting is part of the package deal and is required (Please add Headlight painting above^)

Free Return Shipping and painted inner projector.

(Currently Not Available)
shroud mod options total not including paintwork
LED color